Google Next 2018 – London

Today (10th October), I’m at the Excel Centre in East London for Google Cloud Next. I’ve pretty much no experience with using Google’s cloud products in the enterprise, so I’m looking forward to starting to get a basic understanding of what they are up to and how I might go about architecting for it. With the three hypercsale cloud providers, it’s if, not when, an enterprise will start using all of them and I want to get ahead of that where possible.

I’m also interested in learning as much as I can about Kubernetes and the tools application developers need and use when building, deploying and operating business applications.

Lastly I’ll be learning about Financial Services usage of Google Cloud, especially in relation to APIs and Open Banking.

I’ll update this page with links to blog posts covering the Keynote and any breakout sessions I attend. My planned schedule currently is as follows;

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