Google Next 2018 – London – Keynote

“Building a Cloud for Everyone”

Sébastian Marottte, VP EMEA for Google Cloud welcomed everyone. He stated that the conference has 8000 attendees and is the largest ever Google event in Europe. There were 100+ announcements in San Francisco last month and there will be 32 announcements in London.

Sébastian talked up Google Cloud’s expansion and Google’s investment in growth. He managed to hit as many buzzwords as possible in a short speech, ‘Digital Transformation’, ’10x’, ‘a Journey to the cloud’ etc.

Diane Greene kicked off the keynote proper. Diane started by outlining Google’s original stated goal which was to organise the worlds data and make it accessible. Google Cloud is in part an extension of that.

Diane summarised Google Cloud and Europe. She mentioned that there have been 5 new cloud regions recently in Europe, plus a new one coming in Zurich. And there is a new private undersea cable between France and USA. There are lots of Google offices across EMEA, such as Deepmind in London. Google are also working with regulators across the continent.

Diane talked about the general benefits of cloud and that Google Cloud is the best of the 3 clouds to use.

Diane talked about Google being ‘unparalleled’ in security. She gave the example that Spectre, Meltdown and Heartbleed were all found by Google researchers. She also stated that they stop 10 million spam and phishing attacks per minute.

She briefly touched on the environment by stating they are carbon neutral across all 17 regions. Which got a round of applause.

Diane then switched to a customer story. She brought on stage Tony Fernandes, CEO of Air Asia. They were early adopters of Google Drive and now use G Suite. Expanding into the use of machine learning and AI.

Next customer story, Rolf Schumann from SAP. SAP are using Google Cloud for things like Hana with VMs that will support up to 18TB of RAM by the end of 2019. Continuing the SAP story was Tiki Salzsieder, from Metro Cash and Carry. Metro are a customer of SAP, running on Google Cloud.

Diane then wrapped up her segment and then welcomed Urs Hölzle, Google’s SVP of Technical Infrastructure. Urs mentioned Velostrata, who you can use for migrations and hybrid cloud. I was unaware that Google had acquired Velostrata back in May.

75% of enterprises are apparently using Kubernetes, according to Google. That number feels way to high, although I guess it depends on your definition of ‘using’!

Next to come on stage was Åsa Bredin from King, who run games such as Candy Crush. They were running the largest on prem Hadoop cluster in Europe. They now have 47 billion events per day running through their platform on Google Cloud.

Urs moves on to talk about GKE, GKE on prem and the integration of Istio with GKE. He talked about Istio and it’s growth and adoption with companies such as eBay and Autotrader.

Reliability, Integration, Security and Visibility are the 4 key areas that Istio helps with. With Knative for Serverless, and GKE on prem, this forms Google’s Cloud Services Platform. CSP allows for a consistent platform across cloud and on prem for containers and Serverless.

CSP Alpha is available in a few weeks.

Urs handed over to Rajen Sheth, Director of Product Management at Google. Rajen talked about data on Google Cloud, using things like BigQuery. BigQuery and BigQuery ML are now available in GCP London.

He also announced the 3rd Generation Cloud TPU, which is now in Beta.

He talked about Cloud Auto ML, which simplifies selecting ML models. Google use their own AI tools to work out the best ML models in Auto ML.

Moves to another customer story, Sophie Maxwell, Conservation Technology lead at ZSL. ZSL are using Cloud Auto ML to automatically identify animals in images from the cameras they have in the wild.

Rajen handed over to Amy Lokey, VP of G Suite at Google. There are 1.4B active users a month on G Suite. Amy talked through new features of Gmail and G Suite and then Amy brought on stage Luc Hennekens, CIO at Airbus.

Sébastian came back on stage to round things out.

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