VMworld EU 2018

[Update; Read my wrap up here]

This week I’m at VMworld Europe in Barcelona. I was very lucky to be given a Blogger pass by VMware, something I’m very grateful for and very excited about as this is my first time attending a conference as an ‘official’ blogger.

I’ve got a super packed agenda for the 4 days I’m at the event for which I’ll try and blog as much as possible. I’m trying to greatly speed up my ‘live’ blogging of sessions, as the chance of me publishing after leaving a session drops hugely if what I’ve written needs much adding to it or any significant editing. Currently I’ve settled on using WordPress on my iPhone. It’s a small keyboard to be typing on but adding any photos as I blog is integrated and I can edit posts easily whilst stood in line for other sessions.

So what am I’m looking forward to and aiming to get out of the event? Firstly, it is a general feel and understanding for VMware’s ecosystem, existing and for anything new announced. Seeing things in person and talking to vendors and my peers is a hugely valuable resource to have in the back of my mind when working on things back in the office.

Other than the general event itself, the two areas of focus are Kubernetes, and VCDX. Kubernetes is something I work on daily currently, and whilst my current target infrastructure is mainly AWS, Kubernetes on vSphere is something we’ll be tackling a some point in the future. One of the key attractions of Kubernetes is the abstraction from the underlying infrastructure so that it becomes a a common deployment and operational platform for apps whether in the cloud or on prem. That means there is a lot to learn about Kubernetes, regardless of whether it’s being run on vSphere or in AWS. There is also the fascinating and important aspect of investigating where vendors do differentiate and what this means for realistically running apps on Kubernetes with little to no changes across different infrastructure providers.

And VCDX, because that is pretty all encompassing for me currently. Whilst I’ll be missing the VCDX workshop on Monday, I’ll be aiming to take part in some mocks, see some VCDX related sessions and generally take the opportunity to ask questions and tweak my design where ever possible. I’m also taking my VCAP DCV 6.5 Deploy whilst in Barcelona, which is the final prerequisite I need to pass before submitting.

Finally, the other main thing I’m looking forward to is the Hackathon on Monday night. I’m part of a team aiming to build a PowerShell module for VMware’s VMware Kubernetes Engine (VKE). It’ll be a fun event and I’m hoping to learn a lot about VKE, PowerShell, APIs and using GitHub for an open source project.

Here is the list of sessions/events I have scheduled, I will be unlikely to make all of these! I  hope to make a good proportion of them and I’ll be aiming to write a blog for as many as I attend as possible;

See you in Barcelona!

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