VMworld EU 2018 – General Session, Day 1

Jean-Pierre Brulard kicks off the conference, with 12,000 employees. It’s a special year with VMware celebrating 20 years as a company and 10 years of VMworld Europe.

Jean highlights VMware’s work in the last 10 years as over two parts, in society and for the economy.

A history of VMworld slogans.

Pat Gelsinger is next on stage. VMworld is a gathering of VMware’s ‘tribes’; 23,000 employees, 70,000 partners, and 100,000s customers.

Pat talks about three ‘Acts’ for VMware.

  • Act One; Server virtualisation with ESX
  • Act Two; Device Management with Workspace One
  • Act Three; Networking with NSX

Pat then talked about VMware’s responsibility for the environment and how customers have saved enough energy to power several European countries for an entire year

VMware have also met their target to become carbon neutral two years early.

Pat talks about IT as a force for good. Using the super powers of Cloud, Mobile, AI/ML and Edge/IoT. These match to Scale, reach, intelligence, and connecting digital to physical.

Pat talks about a cool example of AR headset being made a part of hard hats.

Moving on to VMware specifically.

Security is broken. Businesses are investing in security more and more yet bigger and bigger breaches are occurring. VMware is building a new model for security; intrinsic security and protecting good, rather than bolted on security and chasing bad things.

Micro segmentation is evolving to be learn, lock and adapt. vSphere Platinum is a new offering with AppDefense built in. vSphere Platinum is now part of vCloud Suite Platinum.

Integrating NSX with AppDefense provides a new capability of Adaptive Micro-Segemention.

Vijay Ganti and Ray O’Farrell now come on stage to talk through this combination. Vijay walks through a demo of AppDefense.

Pat joins Vijay and Ray back on stage.

Pat moves on from security to hybrid and public cloud. VMware see Hybrid driven by IT Ops and Public cloud being driven by devs and line of business.

Consistent Infrastructure and Consistent Operations – VMware’s definition of Hybrid cloud.

The core component for Hybrid Cloud is VMware Cloud Foundation. VCF 3.5 is the latest release, with support for a wider hardware platform and support for NSX-t and Kubernetes.

Pat talks about a case study with Mercy Ships, who take hospitals on ships to areas where access to healthcare is very limited. They are a VxRail customer.

Another component for Hybrid cloud is VMware Cloud partners. One partner Pat highlights is IBM.

Arvind Krishna, from IBM, joins Pat on stage to talk about the strategic partnership IBM formed with VMware two years ago. Pat asks Arvind about the RedHat acquisition. Arvind says the Red Hat acquisition won’t change the VMware partnership. Arvind talked about some of the customers using IBM and VMware combined capabilities, such as CNH Industrial and Osram.

Together they are announcing a multi site managed Cloud with a 99.99% SLA.

They also announced better private integration between IBM cloud, IBM Kubernetes and vSphere. VMware are now using IBM Watson as part of the global services platform.

Next up is AWS. By the end of next year VMConAWS will be in all AWS regions.

Already announced but still very fresh is the capability to run AWS RDS on vSphere. RDS on prem looks just like a regular AZ in AWS and in the vSphere client it is built in as another section in the UI.

Back to Hybrid cloud, VMware have found people want VMware to run things end to end for them. This is the goal of Project Dimension. This will be VCF delivered on prem but managed from the cloud. In conjunction with Dimension, allows best integration with VMware Edge; VMware Pulse and VeloCloud.

Off of Hybrid cloud and over to native public cloud. Public cloud challenges are cost, compliance and analytics. Cloud Health have been acquired to deliver cloud operations to meet those challenges.

Next gen cloud automations are provided by cloud components such as Cloud Assembly and Service Broker.

That’s cloud over with, now on to networking and NSX. NSX is two times larger then the number 2 competitor, has 7,500 customers and is in 85% of Fortune 100 customers.

Ray comes back on stage as the ‘Certified Smart Guy’ to run through some demos using NSX. He shows NSX protecting IBM Watson via a chat service on an e-commerce website. He then demos NSX-T’s support for containers, with rules applied using Kubernetes tags. He then demos VMConAWS using SRM, with using Elastic vSAN and Elastic DRS to provide sufficient failover capacity for replication but that can scale up when a failover occurs. Finally, he demos CloudHealth, which is shown as integrated with the VMware Cloud Services website. He shows CloudHealth recommending a resize of VMs in Azure, verifying that the CPU usage is low using a direct integration with Wavefront, and then automatically downsizing the VMs direct from CloudHealth

Pat comes back onstage to talk about their Telco capability. He states that with the intro of 5G this will see a huge expansion in NFV usage and cloud technologies. VMware vCloud NFV converts a traditionally rigid infrastructure into something that is agile.

That’s rounds off the Any Cloud section, now on to Any App. Starting with Kubernetes. VMware see the largest container deployments using VMs. An example is Google who run all their containers on VMs.

VMware aim to become the dial tone for Kubernetes. To that end VMware have squire Heptio.

Announced VMware Cloud PKS, where VMware run PKS for you on top of AWS today and in the future Azure and Google.

Wendy Cartee and Ray are on stage. Wendy demos PKS. The vSphere client has been extended to support access to PKS. She demos provisioning a new namespace natively in Kubernetes, which is automatically picked up by NSX.

Pat is back on stage to wrap things up by looking at the Any Device component of their strategy.

He talks about the chaos of managing end user devices.

Ray comes back on stage to do a further demo, using Workspace ONE. The demo shows Workspace ONE’s ability to intelligently identify problematic apps in relation to upgrades.

Ray talked about new hardware coming and vSphere’s support for it.

He also talked about Project Concord, which is VMware’s Blockchain project. VMware are looking to support companies wanting to move blockchain into production in the Enterprise.

Pat comes back on stage and Ray gives him a Raspberry Pi, which is running ESXi. This is showcasing the support for ARM which VMware announced at VMworld US.

Pat wraps up with a video from the International Committee of the Red Cross. ICRC work to bring refugees who are separated. They use VMware technology to help with global connectivity.

And that’s about it for the Day 1 General Session!

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