VCP 6.5 DCV Study – Week 10 – Section 10; Administer and Manage vSphere Virtual Machines

This is the tenth and final week of my VCP 6.5 Study Plan. More info and links to the other weeks can be found at the Study Plan Intro page. Subscribe to the Study Plan using this feed.

The tenth section of the 10 sections in the VCP 6.5 blueprint covers administering and managing virtual machines.

Practice Exams

Simon Long’s VCP 6.5 Practice Exams – Section 10.

Study Material

The tenth section is made up of 3 high level objectives;

*10.3 has been removed by VMware and is not covered in the exam but the objective numbering remains.

Full Section 10 Objectives List

  • Objective 10.1 – Create and Manage vSphere Virtual Machines and Templates
    • Determine how using a shared USB device impacts the environment
    • Configure virtual machines for vGPUs, DirectPath I/O and SR-IOV
    • Configure virtual machines for multicore vCPUs
    • Differentiate virtual machine configuration settings
    • Interpret virtual machine configuration files (.vmx) settings
    • Enable/disable advanced virtual machine settings
  • Objective 10.2 – Create and Manage a Content Library
    • Publish a content catalog
    • Subscribe to a published catalog
    • Determine which privileges are required to globally manage a content catalog
    • Compare the functionality of Automatic sync and On-Demand sync
    • Configure Content Library to work across sites
    • Configure Content Library authentication
    • Set/configure Content Library roles
    • Add/remove Content Libraries
  • Objective 10.3 – Objective 10.3 is no longer covered in the exam content.
  • Objective 10.4 – Consolidate Physical Workloads using VMware vCenter Converter
    • Install vCenter Converter standalone instance
    • Convert physical workloads using vCenter Converter
    • Modify server resources during conversion
    • Interpret and correct errors during conversion
    • Deploy a physical host as a virtual machine using vCenter Converter
    • Collect diagnostic information during conversion operation
    • Resize partitions during the conversion process
    • Determine which virtual disk format to use

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