VCP 6.5 DCV Study – Week 9 – Section 9; Configure and Administer vSphere and vCenter Availability Solutions

This is week 9 out of 10 of my VCP 6.5 Study Plan. More info and links to the other weeks can be found at the Study Plan Intro page. Subscribe to the Study Plan using this feed.

The ninth section of the 10 sections in the VCP 6.5 blueprint covers vSphere HA and vCenter HA.

Practice Exams

Simon Long’s VCP 6.5 Practice Exams – Section 9.

Study Material

The ninth section is made up of 2 high level objectives;

Full Section 9 Objectives List

  • Objective 9.1 – Configure vSphere HA Cluster Features
    • Modify vSphere HA cluster settings
    • Configure a network for use with HA heartbeats
    • Apply an admission control policy for HA
    • Enable/disable vSphere HA settings
    • Configure different heartbeat datastores for an HA cluster
    • Apply virtual machine monitoring for a cluster
    • Configure Virtual Machine Component Protection (VMCP) settings
    • Implement vSphere HA on a vSAN cluster
    • Explain how vSphere HA communicates with Distributed Resource Scheduler and Distributed Power Management
  • Objective 9.2 – Configure vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) HA
    • Enable and Configure vCSA HA
    • Understand and describe the architecture of vCSA HA

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