AWS Builders Day – London 2018 Intro

AWS Builders DayI managed to get away from work yesterday to attend the very excellent AWS Builders Day event in London. It was aimed at a more technically advanced crowd than the introduction focused AWSome Days. There were three tracks running throughout the day; Serverless, Containers and AI. It was hard to choose which sessions to attend, which was a good problem to have, as all the sessions looked useful. I decided to stick mainly to the Containers track. As an Infrastructure Architect, I have a passing interest in AI but it’s not where my day to day focus is. Serverless is closer to my job but is still a long way off for many people in the enterprise. However, containers, and more importantly managing containers, are becoming ever more relevant so I took the opportunity to follow that track for most of the day.

I attempted to ‘live’ blog about all of the sessions I attended. Having zero experience in containers I apologise for any misunderstandings as I furiously tried to follow and tap down the sessions on my phone!

The ‘live’ blog posts for the 5 sessions I attended can be found below;

AWS Builders Day Part 1 – Containers State of the Union

AWS Builders Day Part 2 – ECS Deep Dive

AWS Builders Day Part 3 – Kubernetes on AWS with EKS

AWS Builders Day Part 4 – Fargate Deep Dive

AWS Builders Day Part 5 – AWS Greengrass and DeepLens

It was a really great event and I learnt a huge amount. I’m very excited to see EKS launch in the future and if someone wants to send me a Deeplens camera, then I wouldn’t turn it down! In fact, an invite to the EKS Preview would be very much appreciated as well!

All of the sessions will be made available via the AWS’ Twitch channel in the next few days.

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