2017 – My Year Review

So I’ve just been completing my 2018 vExpert application and realised quite how amazing 2017 has been for me personally on the technology and the community front. So I thought I’d expand what I’ve put in my application so as to document 2017, mainly for my own memory!


Towards the end of 2016 I took a bit of a punt and applied for the vExpert program. I had participated in the London VMUG community in 2016 but wasn’t sure what was required for the vExpert program, so I thought I’d apply and find out if I had done enough.

It turned out I had and was invited to the program. Its been a fantastic year as a member and I would encourage anyone who is part of the community to apply. The access to the vExpert Slack workspace is to me the most valuable benefit, as it gives you access to a close community of very smart vExperts and VMware employees.

I then managed to build on being a ‘regular’ vExpert by successfully applying for the vExpert Cloud specialism.

I’ve just completed my 2018 application, so fingers cross I can continue to be part of the program!

VMUG Presentations

Some how, without ever intending too, Alex Galbraith and I took a session of ours on a tour of the UK VMUG communities. What started as just a session on AWS for VMware Admins at the London VMUG in January, grew into taking the same presentation to the Scottish VMUG in Glasgow, the North East VMUG in Newcastle and the UK User Conference in Birmingham. It was fantastic that we could use this excuse to visit VMUGs across the UK and see loads of other community sessions. Thanks to the VMUG leaders that invited us to their events!

VMworld 2017, Hackathon and Certifications

It didn’t look hopeful that I would get to attend VMworld in 2017, but two weeks before VMworld Europe I managed to get everything authorised and arranged so I could attend. I had a fantastic time and crammed as much in as possible, from vBreakfasts to evening parties. I took part in the Hackathon again, after being involved in the inaugral event at VMworld US 2016. Our team came third and I won a spot prize as well, which just added to the fun!

Also at VMworld I took and passed my VCP-DCV 6.5 exam, apparently being the first person to get certified at the event (I took my exam half an hour after the exam hall opened on the first day)! Spurred on by Paul McSharry, I took a gamble in booking, taking, and passing my VCAP-DCV 6.5 Design exam as well, which I was very, very happy with!

And finally for VMworld, as part of my vExpert membership, I volunteered to open the vBrownBag stage with a couple of other vExperts in the vExpert Daily chat.

Other Certifications

Other than the VCP and VCAP certifications, I took and passed my AWS Developer Associate exam early in 2017 and then in November just managed to squeeze (re)passing my AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam before it passed the 2 year expiry.

Podcasts and Videos

2017 became a big year for taking part in podcasts and videos, having not been on either before I took part in 6 different recordings! 4 were with the Open TechCast crew, thanks for having me guys! The other podcast was with Paul Woodward Jr on his ExploreVM podcast in May, thanks to you as well Paul!

The video chat I got to take part in was a recap of VMworld 2017 Europe, with none other than John Mark Troyer, a long standing community hero!

Virtual Design Master

Kinda the big one really! I was very lucky to take part in the great community competition that is Virtual Design Master. I threw my hat in the ring to see if I could stay in and keep up with the workload week by week. I learned a bucket load, got to play with some cool technologies and hooked up with a great bunch of community peeps. And to cap it all off, I managed to win! Read my blog post about winning Virtual Design Master here.


So, with that epic year behind me, whats next for 2018?


Alex Galbraith & Chris Porter, AWS for VMware admins; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RTZCgQTW7M

ExploreVM Episode 5: http://www.explorevm.com/2017/05/explorevm-podcast-episode-5-vmware-on.html

Open TechCast, London VMUG Special; https://www.opentechcast.com/spe-london-vmug-april-vmware-in-the-cloud/

Open TechCast, VDMS5E1 – Terraforming, Robots, Multi Tier Woes and who can forget scale; https://www.opentechcast.com/vdms5e1-terraforming-robots-multi-tier-woes-and-who-can-forget-scale/

Open TechCast, VDMS5E2 – Another chat and EatBrains!; https://www.opentechcast.com/vdms5e2-another-chat-and-eatbrains/

Open TechCast, VDMS5E3 – Crowning of VDM005, would you do it again?; https://www.opentechcast.com/vdms5e3-crowning-of-vdm005-would-you-do-it-again/

TechReckoning – VMworld 2017 Recap II, Europe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcgrifVdTY8

vExpert Daily hosted by Michael Letschin Tony Foster, Hans Kraaijeveld, Chris Porter; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdAeuxL1O1k&list=PL2rC-8e38bUVLHcoiomo8Yt0R-aZ5s62h&index=50

Virtual Design Master – S5 E3; https://youtu.be/FyCg5s8bUx8?t=29m48s

Virtual Design Master – S5 E4; https://youtu.be/OaYeABTMa5s?t=12m39s

Virtual Design Master – S5 E5; https://youtu.be/G0OjNvj2XUM?t=19m12s

Virtual Design Master Season 5 Finale; https://youtu.be/yQzGKtoNCJo?t=37m4s

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