Passing my VCP6-DCV

As of Thursday 1st September, I’m now VCP6-vmw-lgo-cert-pro-6-data-ctr-virtDCV certified! That adds to my VCP4 and VCP5/5.5 certifications.

Now that VMware expires VCP certifications every two years, I realised recently that I had until November 2016 to renew my VCP. My plan was to study over the next few months and take the exam in October/November time.

However, as I was lucky enough to be attending VMworld in the US, I decide to chance my arm and have a go at the VCP6-DCV Delta exam whilst there. The main driver behind this was the 50% discount on the exam cost; with the full US exam cost already being cheaper than the equivalent in the UK, and then subtracting a 50% discount, it was about 40% of the cost of sitting the exam in the UK. I thought it would be good prep for sitting the full exam later in the year, and if I took the exam towards the end of a week having being blasted 24/7 VMware, I might even pass it.

I’d spent the couple of weeks prior to VMworld on a VSAN 6.2 PoC, so had done a couple of vCenter installs with an external PSC and setup/destroyed VSAN. I’m also fortunate to use vSphere Enterprise Plus at work, including all the bells and whistles such as Distributed Switches, Network I/O Control, Auto Deploy, Host Profiles etc, so I was in some shape prior to heading out to VMworld. I hadn’t done any exam specific study however.

On the flight over I read parts of Nick Marshall’s excellent Mastering VMware vSphere 6 book and the great, free, VCP6-DCV unofficial study guide from Jason Langer and Josh Coen. During VMworld, when I had a spare few minutes in between sessions I spent some time taking the official test exam, plus studying some sample questions online (Paul McSharry has a great set on his blog here; I wasn’t doing well at those so didn’t have a lot of confidence going in to the exam. And it was 9am on the Thursday morning after the VMworld party the night before…

Throw all of that into the mixing pot and I came out 75 minutes later having passed the exam, which considering the prep I was very pleased with. I’m terrible at remembering the questions from an exam (probably a good thing in relation to the NDA!), but I recall having questions on Auto Deploy, VSAN, multi level resource pools.

So with that done, now on to the next challenge. I’ve been deliberating on that and think I’m going to tackle the VCAP6-DCV Design certification next. I’m just about to kick off a vSphere 6 design so that fits nicely with studying, hence picking the Design VCAP ahead of the Deploy version. Unlike the VCP6 exam, the VCAP will need some serious study. More on that another time.



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