The 10/10 Week

I have started thinking about how a week just past would rate out of 10, specifically the fitness side of my week. It occurred to me that before I could rate how a week has gone, I needed to think about and define what a perfect 10/10 week would be. That gives me something to target and goes some way towards allowing for fair comparison between weeks, even if they are months apart.

So what would I need to do to score a perfect 10/10 week? My goals would be the following;

  • Meet my daily step count goal
  • Sleep at least 8 hours every night
  • Training for the week would be planned the weekend beforehand
  • Training would be planned from an overall yearly plan
  • Complete all of the training in the week’s plan
  • Review the week and plan the next week
  • Write a blog post (at the very least a weekly review and plan article)
  • Follow a nutrition plan and log my eating and drinking

To complete all of that in a week would be little short of a miracle but that is kinda the point, to benchmark against the highest goal. The biggest stretch will be the nutrition piece but again, I wanted to define a ‘proper’ 10 out of 10 week.

So I’ll start reviewing my week soon, hopefully I can get somewhere close to 10/10 on a consistent basis. We’ll see!



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