VCDX – Architecture Design Document Structure

One of the key things I struggled with early on regarding my VCDX submission was the structure of my Architecture Design document. Once I had settled on an initial structure for this document, it really helped me focus my efforts and allowed me to take a more methodical approach. Although my structure did change as I worked on the document, it was important to me to start with a good idea of how everything would be structured from the outset.

Example Structures

Something that really helped me settle on my structure was the VCDXs who have posted ideas around areas of coverage in a VCDX design, or they have posted sample document outlines. Those posts are as follows;

René van den Bedem –
Chris Mutchler –
Gregg Robertson –
Derek Seaman –

My VCDX Architecture Design Document Structure

In the spirit of paying it forward, so as to perhaps help others working on their VCDX documents, the following is the Table of Contents from my own DCV Architecture Design document. I strongly advise that this is used only to help you figure out your own structure. Figuring out and being comfortable with the structure for your own document is an important part of the VCDX process. Still, I hope sharing this can help even one future VCDX figure out how things might fit together.



Apologies for the slightly weird layout, using screen captures of each page of my ToC was the best way I could see of posting a Table of Contents from Word into WordPress.

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