VCP 6.5 DCV Study – Week 6 – Section 6; Back up and Recover a vSphere Deployment

This is week 6 out of 10 of my VCP 6.5 Study Plan. More info and links to the other weeks can be found at the Study Plan Intro page. Subscribe to to the Study Plan using this feed.

The sixth section of the 10 sections in the VCP 6.5 blueprint covers the backup and recover of a vSphere deployment

Practice Exams

Simon Long’s VCP 6.5 Practice Exams – Section 6.

Study Material

The sixth section is made up of 3 high level objectives;

Full Section 6 Objectives List

  • Objective 6.1 – Configure and Administer vCenter Appliance Backup/Restore
    • Configure vCSA File-based Backup and Restore
    • Define supported backup targets
  • Objective 6.2 – Configure and Administer vCenter Data Protection
    • Deploy VDP Application Agents
    • Differentiate VMware Data Protection capabilities
    • Explain VMware Data Protection sizing guidelines
    • Create/Delete/Consolidate virtual machine snapshots
    • Install and Configure VMware Data Protection
    • Create a backup job with VMware Data Protection
    • Backup/Restore a virtual machine with VMware Data Protection
  • Objective 6.3 – Configure vSphere Replication
    • Compare and contrast vSphere Replication compression methods
    • Configure recovery point objective (RPO) for a protected virtual machine
    • Manage snapshots on recovered virtual machines
    • Install/Configure/Upgrade vSphere Replication
    • Configure VMware Certificate Authority (VMCA) integration with vSphere Replication
    • Configure vSphere Replication for Single/Multiple VMs
    • Recover a VM using vSphere Replication
    • Perform a failback operation using vSphere Replication
    • Deploy a pair of vSphere Replication virtual appliances


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