Heading to Cloud Field Day 3

I’m writing this post as I head back from a short break in North Norfolk, on route to San Francisco via an overnight stay in West London. I’ve had the huge honour of being invited to Cloud Field Day 3 by Stephen Foskett and the crew over at Gestalt IT.

Over 3 days (Wednesday 4th – Friday 6th April), myself and a handful of other delegates have a pretty intense schedule spending time in and around Palo Alto, getting under the hood with a number of tech vendors.

I have to admit I’m feeling a little inflicted with Impostor Syndrome, with the standard expectation that an error will be corrected any minute and it will be the correct person who attends in the end. I’m saying this despite a welcome email from one of the other delegates, Justin Warren, stating that there is no need to feel this way, every delegate has been invited and they deserve to be at the event. I guess a healthy bought of self doubt keeps you grounded, so I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to question why you’ve been invited. I’m looking forward to landing and getting settled in, and hopefully putting this feeling behind me, I’ll be fine as long as the hotel has a booking in my name!

I’m planning to contribute by attempting at least one blog post about the event, however I want to challenge myself to write more of an analytical blog post, as my posts up to this point tend to be more focused on personal development and technical how to’s. I’ll also be aiming to speak up and ask questions during the vendor presentations. Let myself and the other delegates know via Twitter if you have a question you want asking, use the #cfd3 hashtag. Live sessions will be posted via the Cloud Field Day 3 website – http://techfieldday.com/event/cfd3/, and posted on YouTube afterwards.

Looking at the vendor list, I’m fascinated to see what they’ll be focusing on for their time presenting to us. To me there seems to be two trends I can perhaps see emerging based on the vendor list. The first trend is that of well established vendors continuing to refocus on cloud, such as Oracle, NetApp, Riverbed and Veritas. I’d presume those vendors want to get across the message that they are still very relevant when customers are considering partners for various cloud adoption projects. And then the second trend looks like newer players, who already have a well established cloud capable product, but that are perhaps pivoting to make themselves cloud first, on prem DC second. This is again so potential and existing customers are reminded about these vendors when considering cloud projects. For me this is vendors such as Delphix, Rubrik and possibly Druva.

On top of that I’m really looking forward to hanging out with an esteemed list of delegates and also spending any limited spare time on my VCDX. And at some point I might sleep…

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