VCP 6.5 DCV Study Spreadsheet

VCP65DCV-for-Blog-220x147I’ve knocked up a spreadsheet to track my study for the VCP 6.5 DCV Exam. It covers the objectives as outlined by the VMware Exam Guide. I thought it might be of use to others so I’m sharing it here;

VCP6.5 DCV Study Tracker.xlsx



Go through each section of the spreadsheet and change the value against each sub topic to either 1, 0.5 or 0.

  • 1 = No study required
  • 0.5 = General review of topic required (just review the docs, blogs etc)
  • 0 = Full study required (lab, read and make notes on docs etc)

As you complete study in each area, update the value. You’ll then see the summary sheet progress towards 100% coverage for each section.

My personal opinion; 100% coverage is nice to have but the pass mark isn’t 100% so you probably don’t need that level of coverage to sit the exam.

Any feedback let me know and I’ll look to update the spreadsheet.




The idea for using the three different values and averaging that out came from Travis Wood’s similar spreadsheet for the VCP6-DT exam;

The official VCP 6.5 DCV Exam Guide;



  1. Ummm… Knocked up? I love it. In the US, that means you just impregnated it… LMAO. Seriously though, thanks for the blog. Very helpful.

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