Two Recent Podcast Appearances

A quick post to mention my recent first and second appearances at taking part in two podcasts; Open TechCast and ExploreVM. This is something I have been interested in doing for a while but hadn’t yet had the opportunity, then suddenly, two come along at once!


Firstly, I took part in a roundtable with the Open TechCast crew at the London VMUG last month. You can read about the event in my blog post here. We discussed VMware’s various cloud offerings and recent news, plus my real desire to try and avoid having to rack and cable datacentre kit!

The podcast can be found at either or on iTunes via

My second appearance was a chat between myself and Paul Woodward Jr, for an episode of the ExploreVM podcast which Paul hosts. We chatted about VMware Cloud on AWS, exploring the definitions of the different types of cloud and where VMWonAWS might fit, and whether those definitions are useful at all (preview; not really!). We also discussed becoming a vExpert and participating in the VMUG scene. I had great fun and hopefully it made for good listening.

The episode can be found on the ExploreVM website at or on iTunes via

As these are my first podcast appearances, I’d really appreciate any feedback if you have time to listen and drop me a comment here or via Twitter.



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