VMware Cloud on AWS – Resources

I’m presenting at the London VMUG next week, the subject being AWS for VMware admins, with Alex Galbraith. We thought it would be useful to include a small section on VMware’s new partnership with AWS. However, details are kinda lite at the moment, so I’ve been scouring the web for info to use in our session.

Image result for vmware cloud on aws
Image from ZDNet
The two resources I have found with the most detail are videos of sessions from VMworld and re:Invent. These two sessions are really good and start to give a relatively technical view of whats going;

On the video from re:Invent, jump to 48 minutes (https://youtu.be/_Rqv5Gg1VSk?t=48m11s), for a cool demo using Amazon Alexa. 🙂

A couple of other useful resources are;

Apart from that there isn’t much else with any useful technical info. For a more broad intro, these links are useful. And also fascinating to see two huge traditional rivals on stage together!

Still, there are lots of unknown such as price, how frequent are updates and can you postpone them, can you spread VMs across different AWS Availability Zones, is there support for stretched vSAN, support for SRM – to list a few! It will be exciting to watch as more details become available.

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