A Tale of Two Parkruns

One of my 2016 goals is to gain my 25 Parkruns t-shirt. On the face of it, 25 Parkruns may sound relatively easy, but with family and other commitments, being able to get to a Parkrun for 9am on Saturday can end up being difficult to achieve. As of 31st December 2015, I had 17 Parkruns under my belt.

Via my brother, I heard that some Parkruns were doing a special run for New Year’s Day. Whilst my local Parkrun in Crystal Palace was not doing a special, Dulwich were, and luckily it was a little later than normally, with a 10am start time. So on New Year’s Day I cycled to Dulwich and did the Parkrun there for the first time. It was a large turnout with over 200 runners, and the volunteer organisers were up to the excellent Parkrun standard. I had a hard run, whilst it’s a very different course to Crystal Palace, being pretty much flat, I haven’t done a training run for several months. Still, I was happy with a time of 23.10.

Pre Run Briefing at Dulwich

After that, the next day I did the regular Parkrun at Crystal Palace. With tired legs from the day before and the hills in the park, I ended up with a slower time of 23.53. It was good to get running though and the technical challenge of Crystal Palace makes it always a fun run.

Runners Gathering Before Crystal Palace Parkrun

So two days into the first year and I’ve already managed two Parkruns, not bad work!

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